Dental fillings are a common treatment for dental decay. A generation ago, most dental fillings were composed mainly of "metal"(amalgam-silver) that did not match the color of natural teeth. Although these fillings were successfully used for over a hundred years, they never were considered aesthetic. Nor are silver fillings are not bonded to teeth. This weakens the remaining tooth that surrounds the filling. We frequently see this weakened tooth breaking. Often the silver filling wear which results in gaps between the tooth and filling. This is a portal for bacteria to begin the decay process.

Fortunately today, white dental fillings northwest Indiana can be made of porcelain or composite materials that match the color of your teeth. This approach maintains the natural appearance of your teeth and smile. These white fillings are bonded in place which then increases the strength of the tooth.



White Dental Fillings vs. Amalgam Silver Fillings


Our office is dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care possible for our patients. This includes filling cavities with white composite material whenever possible.


Placing white composite materials requires considerably more time, enhanced techniques and expensive materials. None the less, the benefits greatly outweigh the increased time and costs.


The average silver filling is 50% mercury together with 30% silver and a bit of copper, tin, and zinc. That's why they call it an amalgam. While we don't believe it is toxic or harmful, it just doesn't offer the benefits of a composite restoration.


Amalgam fillings expand and contract so much, they create a wedge in the tooth leading to a weakened tooth. The tooth, over time will eventually break apart and the only thing remaining in your mouth will be the filling.


Silver fillings are ugly and we like to give people beautiful teeth. The "enamel like" look of composite fillings create natural smiles and happy patients.


We will always provide our patients leading edge technology with a caring and professional attitude. We will only recommend to you what is best for your dental health and what we provide for ourselves and our families.

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