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Picture of toothbrushes Dental Hygiene at White Orchid Dental in northwest Indiana
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The most important health care focus we provide at White Orchid Dental is prevention of oral disease.


Our dental hygiene team will help you avoid the consequences of oral disease by helping you understand your risk factors. After determining your health status and risk factors for disease, the dental experts will recommend ways for you to achieve healthy teeth and gums as well as ways to avoid future problems.

Examining your entire mouth for signs of Oral Cancer will be a routine part of your visits with the professionals at White Orchid Dental. Early detection of oral cancer is imperative because it can be treated with significant success.

Untreated gum disease can lead to undesirable appearance, discomfort, and eventually tooth loss. We want to help you avoid experiencing any of these situations. We will monitor your gum health and periodontal status routinely.


Did you know that there is a connection between oral health and heart disease? It’s true – advanced tooth decay can actually compromise the tissue of the heart! Tobacco, diabetes, pregnancy, nutrition, and eating disorders can all affect your oral health - in fact there are many connections between an array of conditions having nothing to do with the mouth that can show up as dental problems. This is a matter of course for you discuss with your primary care doctor, for instance finding out if the medications you take contribute in any way to risk of poor oral health.


At White Orchid we take patient education very seriously and want you to be aware of how staying ahead of the curve in oral health can contribute to total health. 


Feel free to ask us any questions about any of these issues before or during your visit.

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