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Photo of a smile before porcelain veneers


Picture of a smile after porcelain veneers


Picture of a smile with stained bonding before dental veneers


Picture of a smile after porcelain veneers replacing stained bonding


Picture of a worn smile with teeth cracked before porcelain dental veneers


Picture of a beautiful smile restored with porcelain veneers done by Jeffrey Milne DDS


Picture of a discolored smile with spaces between the teeth


Picture of a smile restored with porcelain veneers to close spaces between teeth


Porcelain dental veneers are custom made porcelain shells which are bonded to front the surface of your teeth. Veneers are designed and recommended to change the color of stained teeth, fill in gaps or spaces between teeth, replace edges of teeth that are chipped, lengthen teeth that are worn and instantly straighten crooked teeth. The procedure consists of gently removing enough tooth structure so there is room for the porcelain veneer. The amount of tooth structure removed depends on the aesthetic goals you are trying to achieve. Expert cosmetic dentists will always try to create the most beautiful smile design in the most conservative manner possible.

Teeth are never one color and even though we all would like our smiles to be brilliantly white, making a veneer one white shade would result in a less than impressive result. Creating healthy white smiles requires the artistic eyes and hands of a dedicated cosmetic dentist and a master ceramist in a cosmetic dental lab.

You may only need a couple veneers to achieve your goals or you may consider a smile makeover to obtain that beautiful smile you have always desired. Veneers are an option which could make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel about yourself. Your new smile will appear natural, healthy and last for years.

We have enhanced so many smiles with porcelain veneers for people from Northwest Indiana, Chicago and Chicago Illinois suburbs.  Smiles from Munster, Dyer, Schererville, Crown Point, St. John, Valparaiso, Chesterton, Portage, Chicago, North and South Chicago suburbs, and throughout Indiana have experienced the beautiful and natural looking smile makeovers offered at White Orchid Dental.

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Picture of a smile with chipped discolored teeth prior to porcelain dental veneers


Picture of a beautiful smile restored with porcelain veneers at White Orchid Dental


All porcelain restorations

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by Jeffrey Milne DDS

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Beautiful Woman smiling

Creating Beautiful Smiles With Professional Smile Care Experts at White Orchid Dental

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Relax In The Comfortable Reception Area at White Orchid Dental In Northwest Indiana.

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Enjoy the smile you have always wanted by visiting the Smile Care Experts at White Orchid Dental

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Providing Professional Dental Care In A Beautiful And Peaceful Office at White Orchid Dental

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Enjoy The Feeling Of Confidence When Smiling.

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Visit White Orchid Dental And You Will Leave Smiling !

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Customizing smiles to fit you.

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Smile Care Experts Helping You Look And Feel Your Best At White Orchid Dental.

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Let the Smile Care Experts at White Orchid Dental help you enjoy the benefits of a Healthy White Smile

Perfect smiles. Set of 25 beautiful wide human smiles with great healthy white teeth

Everyone should enjoy the confidence that comes with a nice smile!

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