(Gray lines around older one)


(Four new all porcelain crowns by Jeffrey Milne DDS)



Dental crowns restore severely broken teeth. Quite often there is not enough remaining tooth structure to support the use of a dental filling. If a filling was used in these instances, there is a high probability of the tooth breaking which could result in the loss of the tooth.


To reduce the chances of weak teeth fracturing, a crown should be placed.


This procedure typically takes two visits.

At the first visit, the tooth will be prepared to allow for the thickness of the crown. An impression of the tooth will be recorded and a temporary crown will be provided while our expert laboratories custom design and fit your tooth colored porcelain crown.

At the second visit, the crown is tried in to confirm an accurate fit and optimum smile aesthetics. It is then cemented or bonded to your tooth.


Older dental crowns may appear to have a gray line near the gums. This occurs because older crown have a metal base in them. The metal shows through the porcelain where the crown is thinnest. Although you may not have seen the gray when it was first placed, if the gums have receded, the gray becomes obvious. You can eliminate the gray line and achieve a natural healthy white appearance by having the crown replaced with an all porcelain crown.




Dental bridges replace missing teeth.

A dental bridge can be designed using the same materials as the crown described above. When a tooth or teeth are missing, the teeth adjacent to the space are prepared for crowns. These crowns are supports for crowns that replace the missing teeth. The bridge is cemented in place and non-removable. Careful attention to design will result in a very natural appearing form of tooth replacement.

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