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Why the name White Orchid Dental?

The white orchid represents delicate beauty. The unique and exotic white orchid stands for purity, innocence, virtue and divine beauty. They are flowers of elegance and glamour.  White orchids are well-known for their symbol for perfection and hope.  At White Orchid At

At White Orchid Dental, we strive to provide all of these wonderful qualities in our approach to caring for your health and helping you attain the beautiful smile you deserve.

When you have Cosmetic Dentistry or General Restorative Dentistry concerns, you want to turn to a great Indiana general dentist focusing in cosmetic dentistry who listens and responds … an experienced cosmetic general dentist who is an expert in smile care and can effectively diagnose and treat your needs … a friendly general dentist who counsels you on the best ways to maintain and improve your dental health.  At White Orchid Dental you will benefit from a dedicated team of trained dental professionals who give you the individualized attention you deserve. We offer Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic General Dentistry, and Implant Dentistry to people who appreciate outstanding personalized dental care.

Visit the White Orchid Dental Smile Gallery and see just a sampling of some of the new smiles we have created and re-juvenated.

The premier dental staff at White Orchid Dental in Northwest Indiana believes that thoroughly informed dental patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their dental health and smiles. That is why we have included an extensive section on this web site (Website Map ) covering the full array of dental topics associated with enhancing the appearance of your teeth and smile as well as enhancing your general health. If you want Dental Hygiene - Teeth CleaningPorcelain Veneers (dental veneers),Dental Bonding , Implants, ClearCorrect Invisible Braces, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain tooth colored Crowns , Dental Bridges, Beautiful Dentures  , Smile Makeovers , Snoring & Sleep Apnea appliances, or any other cosmeticor general smile procedure, the experts at White Orchid Dental in Munster, Indiana will help you achieve your desired goals. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your                                                                     Cosmetic Dentistry or General Dentistry needs and smile care. 


White Orchid Dental ReceptionWhite Orchid Dental Office Pond

Views of the White Orchid Dental office reception area and views of our beautiful Koi pond that you will experience from the comfortable patient care rooms.

Our Northwest Indiana dental office is easily accessible being only 30 minutes southeast of downtown Chicago, Illinois and only 1 mile south of Interstate 80/94 in Munster, Indiana.

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If your desire is to look and feel your best, please visit the smile care experts at White Orchid. 

Experience exquisite personalized smile care in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere at White Orchid.

We are constantly updating our services to provide you the best smile care service possible.

Call us today at 219-836-9122 and start enjoying the benefits of a healthy white smile with the Smile Care Experts..

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Comfortable, Convenient Setting 

The best smile care in the world does not mean anything if you can’t access it. At White Orchid Dental, we strive to be an outstanding Smile Care Experts. We developed our Northwest Indiana office to be as efficient, convenient and beautiful as possible. Included in these web pages is information about White Orchid, including our Northwest Indiana (Munster, Indiana) location, maps to  Our Office, door to door directions, hours of service including early morning and evening appointments, insurance benefits and appointment scheduling. You can even email a request for an Dental Appointment right here!


Northwest Indiana Dentists

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Jeffrey Milne DDS


Northwestern University Dental School



Joel Schoen DDS


Reception Team: White Orchid Dental


The fabulous reception team will be your first contacts as well as the first people you will meet upon entering. Besides making sure you are comfortable, they will diligently work to accommodate all of your needs. From finding appointment times that meet your demanding schedule to helping you achieve the greatest benefits from your insurance carrier, this reception team is fantastic.

Assisting Team

:Assistants operatory

The extension of the doctors hands continue with our team of expanded function dental assistants. They provide a gentle caring touch during your smile care appointments. Their skills extend far beyond assisting the doctors. From delicately placing beautiful white fillings to capturing detailed impressions of your teeth, the assistants are focused on making your visits comfortable and relaxing. Knowing you have a demanding schedule, our team will strive to maintain timely efficient dental appointments. We are sure that you will appreciate the caring approach these smile care professionals consistently offer.

Hygiene Team:

Hygiene clip art

Our highly skilled professional hygiene team will help you maintain your smile for years. Their gentle touch will leave you with that fresh clean feeling. They will monitor your oral health care and help you understand the doctors plan to keep those beautiful smiles healthy for a lifetime. Prevention is the focus of this remarkable dental hygiene team. If you follow their suggestions, you will reduce your chances of needing extensive dental help in the future. This in turn will save you money and time. While each of our hygienists are equally talented, we know you may have a favorite. Feel free to request an appointment with the hygienist of your choice.

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